The Flock

Hello from Gracie again! I’m here to give you a little background on Randy and Pam’s products, well, mostly Pam’s. I don’t like to think about Randy’s work.

Much of Pam’s work is made from homegrown wool from her small flock of sheep who are guarded by me, the llama. As of early 2012, there are six sheep total. Rosa, the youngest, is part Merino, and her wool has a beautiful curl and crimp. Blackberry and Blueberry are our two black sheep, unfortunately both of our black beauties have been bleached by the sun, so their fleeces are varying shades of gray. Lavender is Blackberry's twin sister, and produces a fine fleece, as does Buttercup. Marigold produces the most wool by far, but she is also the messiest sheep, and many sections of her wool are unusable. With her five to six inch length, it is sometimes difficult to get Mari's wool processed.

Marigold and Buttercup are the sheep who started it all. Randy said he would buy Pam a sheep, one sheep, and that was all she could have. But when that one sheep, Buttercup, jumped the fence looking for company, Randy gave in and they got Mari. After that, there was no stopping Pam!

A little about me now; I get sheared every year with the other girls, but I produce a multicolored fleece. I am mostly reddish-brown, but I have some white and silver coloring as well. So, that’s me and my flock. If you would like some more adorable photos of us, check them out at Facebook, and see what Pam and Kirsten are making with our wool on Etsy!