Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Harvest is over

We mowed  the flower and vegetable garden today.  The sheep are sad, I think fall is one of their favorite times of the year.  They love all the goodies I bring them.  If it looks like I'm heading to the garden they start to baa!

I've been busy knitting and making recycled sweater mittens but I need to kick it up a gear or two to have things ready for the upcoming season.  I'm making a few new things and I'll try to post pictures when I finish them.

A few of the baaad girls got together a few weeks ago and we went to The Livery in Eau Claire.  We had a nice time and hope to get together again soon.  We've talked about heading to Whitehall to attend a class taught by Christa from Christa's yarn shop.

Here's a picture of the sheep eating watermelon.  They love watermelon!

I was dying some wool last week and left an empty cone on the floor.  I have to include a picture of Spike stalking the Cone!