Sunday, August 7, 2016

Etsy Weekends - Animal Necklaces

As far as necklaces are concerned, I am usually a fan of petite, understated necklaces. But if you are going to go big, you may as well go big with an animal around your neck. Here are two necklaces I came across recently that I like an awful lot.  
Glass Fox Necklace from The Crafty Cow Shed 
Silver Frog Necklace With Pearl Eyes On Silicone Rubber Cord "Froggz Only" Collection - "Zila"
 Silver Frog Necklace from Link Wachler Designs
I'm trying to post weekly again, wish me luck and come back next week to see if I win the game! ;)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Etsy Weekends - For the (Wedding) Hair

As I am planning a wedding (and have been for nearly two years) I tend to linger over the wedding ideas. Things I would never normally be attracted to, like fiddly things for your hair. I am generally terribly boring about my hair. I wash it. Brush it. Cut it once a year if it needs it, and pull it back with plain black hair ties to keep it out of my face. But a wedding...well, there's all kinds of nifty things you can do to your hair then. Here are two that I am contemplating currently:

Unique Simple Bridal Headpiece Draped V Wedding Headband unusual head chain hair jewelry pins bandeau boho bohemian forehead circlet 225
V Headband from danani 
Flowercomb  SOPHIA
Flowercomb from We Are Flower Girls

Come visit soon to see what other goodies we have found on Etsy!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Etsy Weekends - Kitchen Kitsch

There are two categories on Etsy that I can never get sick of - Earrings, and Kitchen Stuff.

Here are two items I came across recently that I absolutely adore! The labels look very art deco-y, and make me feel like Agatha Christie, while the tea towel appeals to my love of ridiculous TV shows and terrible catch phrases. :)

Set of Custom Pantry Labels (Small) - Pantry Organization
Custom Labels from Polished Habitat  
You're a Towel Flour Sack Tea Towel
  Tea Towel from French Silver

Keep coming back to see what treasures we have found on Etsy!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Etsy Weekends - Elegant Earrings

I love these earrings. Simple, elegant, dangly. Everything I could want for a nice fancy pair of earrings for a night on the town!
Gold, Yellow, Sparkle AB Pear Shape, Modern Minimalist Design, Elegant, Evening, Special Ocasion, Long, Dangle, Handmade Statement Earrings
Gold Pear Drops from Xena Style

Pendulum earrings // Grey raw diamond bar earrings
Diamond Pendulum Earrings from UpScale Hare 

Come back soon to see what else we have found!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Etsy Weekends - Linen Bed Sets

We need new sheets, so they've been on my mind a lot lately. The other night, I came across Linen bedding on Etsy and I think I have a new obsession! We sleep hot, so have no need for flannel sheets in the winter, but do need cool, breathable fabrics all year long. Linen sheets seem like a perfect match for us, and a bit of a luxury! Luckily, we also only need the fitted sheet, because someone kicks the top sheet off every time I try to put one on. Some of the flat sheets are so beautiful though, I may invest in those clippy things that allow you to use a flat sheet for the bottom sheet. :)

Dreaming of sleeping in lovely linen....  

Charcoal luxurious stonewashed linen flat sheet. Pure linen bedding. King and Queen sizes available
Charcoal Sheets from House of Baltic Linen

Linen sheet, flat linen sheet, softened linen sheet, pure linen upper sheet by Linenbee
Linen Sheets from Linen Bee Shop