Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another exciting day with Randy and Pam

I'm so glad it's time for me to sit!  I can't sit long I still have to make supper.  Tonight we are having chili.  I made bread in the bread machine and I think it is finished.  I was cleaning cupboards last week and discovered I had a whole bag of bread flour and then I remembered I have a bread machine in the basement.  I made a loaf last Sunday and it was good so I thought why not have it again this week.

Yesterday the rest of the hay for winter was delivered.  I meant to take some pictures because the barn is full.  We normally get small bales but this time they brought big square bales.  They brought ten of them and I think I'm good till next fall!  I still had quite a few small bales left.  A guy came and ground stumps scattered throughout the yard and then we moved firewood.  I have some orders for black and orange hats and I'm running low on black yarn so I thought I'd dye some yarn.  I don't have any black dye but I did have several colors I bought at Jefferson.  The colors are great and the label is from G & K Craft, I don't know if that's the name of the store I bought it from or if it is the manufacturer.  I need to find out who makes it.  The colors are very bright.  I made some skeins with yellow, rose, moss and turquoise.  The yellow is very bright and the moss almost looks black but the turquoise looks like it glows!  When I took the multi colored skeins out of the dye pot to rinse them I ended up with blue hands.  I never wear gloves when I dye wool!  My fingers are still a little blue and my fingernails look like I have baby blue nails!  I dyed several skeins with the left over  moss and the other skeins came out in a nice light green, the turquoise still came out turquoise until I had dyed four more skeins! 

So today we got up and we waited till it warmed up a little and we started moving firewood again.  We were using the jeep to pull the trailer.  We don't have a flat spot in our yard and a few times I thought Oh NO We're going to Tip!   Then I thought when they get me to the emergency room they would see my blue fingernails and think I was dead!  The jeep is very old and looks like a Barbie Jeep!  Except that it's mostly grey primer.  We had made several trips and we were picking up some scattered firewood in the back yard when the jeep wouldn't start.  Randy tried several different things and then we gave up and we were going to tow it to the barn with the truck.  I was waiting for him to come with the truck and he was starting to back up to hook up the trailer when the jeep started rolling down the hill.  Me being the strong brave person I am thought wait maybe I can stop it or jump in!  The trailer stopped it!  The mirror has made my upper arm match my fingernails!  Good thing it's winter and I'll have on long sleeves!  We were lucky it rolled when it did another minute later and we'd be calling Lori the insurance agent! 

It sounds like Randy has the bobcat started.  It's going in the little side garage so we're ready to move snow.  I'm  hoping it doesn't get here for months!  My hamburger is cooked and it's time to finish the chili!

Yes, it was just another day with Randy and Pam!