Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blue and Purple Snowflake and Lace Handwarmer Scarf

I finally finished the Blue and Purple, Snowflake and Lace, Handwarmer Scarf. I started this scarf in 2007 after coming across a snowflake pattern intended for a hat. I loved it, but didn't like the hat, so I thought I would turn it into a nifty scarf! Immediately I came across some logistical issues. First, double stranded knitting isn't generally reversible. So, I had to conceal the backside. I did this by knitting the pattern twice, I started at the wide top, knit down all the way to three stitches, then knit back up the other side. To minimize my stitching efforts at the end I folded up the side and knit the cast on edge with my next row of knitting (Which was not the most fun.) Then I got bored...and it got set aside, so when I came back to it in 2008 I couldn't quite remember what I had done. A few tries and I eventually got both snowflake bottom portions knit.

Then came the lace. The lace itself was beautiful and perfect and came to me from the Interweave Press Lace book. Unfortunately, I had no idea how I was supposed to join the lace in the middle. This is what happens when you start a scarf with no plan! I could easily have done lace all the way across and finished with the snowflake patter again, but since both ends were already finished...and away it went into the closet once more. 2009 found the solution, I would make a triangle of lace surrounded by stockinette stitching, then I could join the stockinette with no issues! Of course, that lead to the issue of curling in the center. The scarf literally curls up on itself in the stockinette area! And again the scarf was deemed to life in the closet. It sat there until last weekend, when I pulled it out again, and in showing it to Matt received the praise I needed to move forward with the final details. The liners for the handwarmers. Now, 4 1/2 years after first being cast on, I give you the Blue and Purple, Snowflake and Lace, Handwarmer Scarf! It may not be exactly what I imagined all those years ago, but it is exactly what I was going for: Warm, Cute, and Multifunctional! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Knitting

Mice, Scarves, and Wristlets! That's what we're knitting in January!

Maiden Wisconsin has asked for another batch of EEK mice, so I've been knitting mice for weeks! To break up the monotony of mice, I pulled out the old Blue and Purple Fiasco Scarf, it's been a while, but I think it's time to finish the old girl. Someone, somewhere will love that scarf and get it out of my closet for good! It might still be a while before I'm ready to post it on Etsy, after all, I've only had the scarf in some form since I first cast it on in 2007! :)

Mom has been cranking out wristlets for a while, they are great to keep your hands warm for all kinds of activities. I'm thinking I might need some for myself, my hands get so cold typing on a computer all day at work!

That's the update from our needles for now!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 New Year, Slightly Changed Me

We all have big plans at the beginning of a new year. This year, I have lots of little plans! At the top of my list is an embarrassing confession: I suck at brushing my teeth. This year, I will brush, floss, and swish regularly! I even bought a fancy Sonicare toothbrush to help me out :)

Other items on the list:

Write more on this blog!
Try to focus on the positive, even when I don't want to.
Eat food that is good for me, more than I eat food that is bad!
Be more active, even if that means just getting out of my desk more at work.
Keep making progress on my debt, even if I have to do it $25 at a time.
Knit more!

I even have a list for my craft goals...
Knit a pair of socks!
Finish Matt's Mitts (or just start over!)
Finish other half-done projects, including the blue snowflake scarf :)
Finish a Buy Local bag and list it for sale on Etsy.
Knit lots and lots of hats for next year, so I'll be ready to go to craft shows!

We are looking into moving to Minnesota in the fall, so I see lots of yellow and purple yarn in my future. Maybe even some viking braids or horns :)

Matt is hoping to quit smoking this year, and I am all ready to cheer him on through his endeavor. What are your goals for the new year? Are you planning big, or keeping them small?