Saturday, March 30, 2013

Things are Growing Outside!!

No really, I was surprised too...but I went in the backyard yesterday and found these hiding under some dead things I probably should have cleaned out last fall (except Smokey of course, he came by to say hello while I was investigating)....
More to clean up yet!

Smokey the Neighbor cat
Full Flower Bed Shot

I have quite a bit more cleaning to do, and I need to amend the soil yet. Hoping to get some good work done prepping the garden in the next few weeks. In the meantime I'll keep patiently watching my little seedlings grow bigger and bigger!

Variegated Cat Grass

Not quite a seedling yet...but working on it!

Huge Huckleberry!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring is coming!

The winter has been a little crazy - I headed back to school, picked up a second job, had my wisdom teeth out and got the flu. I came to my senses and dropped the second job, got healthy, and for the last few weeks have been working on my garden plans! I even planted a few seeds, I might be a little early in that regard, but I just couldn't help myself! Here are some pictures of what's to come in the garden this year:

 Garden Berry Huckleberry, since Huckleberry is so huge here in MT I thought I'd try to grow it. I hear it's incredibly difficult, so I checked my package and sure enough, this seed originated from Africa. Let's hope it's easier to grow and tastes the same!

The biggest of my five Huckleberry seedlings. 
Asparagus! Yes I'm starting a patch from scratch. Here's hoping we live in this house long enough to enjoy it!

Asparagus today!
Asparagus last week...

Blueberries! I know we won't live here long enough to enjoy these, but I might try to container grow them inside. This was more of a "Let's see what happens!"

Blueberry Seedling

And a special indoor treat just for the kitties - Variegated Cat Grass that popped up less than five days after sowing...and  when I say popped up, I mean last night there was nothing above soil level and this morning they looked like this:

Variegated Cat Grass
I'll try to keep you updated as I get more seedlings coming up :)