Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Note from Bernard

Hello everyone, I hear Pam was busy shearing her sheep this weekend back in Wisconsin, and I hope she'll tell you all about it soon! My wool is about ready to pluck again, so I wanted to share another tidbit of Angora bunny care with you!

How to Bathe your Angora Bunny:

Don't! Not with water anyway, but I love a good blow out with a vacuum cleaner turned to blow instead of suck. A good air bath, lasting several minutes, once a week will keep my wool clean, and will keep my dander levels low! Kirsten and Matt have been brushing me several times a week, which is keeping my coat clean and well combed, so when it's time to pluck things will come out smoothly! For even more information, check out this nifty website Kirsten found: Bunny Central , the lady on there has videos showing how to care for my special Angora wool coat.

As always, have a wonderful day, and come back soon to hear about the Sheep Shearing adventures! Springtime really is the best time! :)

PS - I promised I would keep you all updated on my poo, and it's much bigger and healthier looking now! I get greens everyday, and lots of hay! I've even convinced Kirsten to package and sell my Magic Beans, they are perfect for Bunny tea ;)