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Hello! My mother taught me how to knit when I was ten years old, and I haven’t looked back since. I love knitting, and will make just about anything, but my favorite items are stuffed animals, baby blankets, hats with ears, and a wide variety of toys for your cats and dogs!

My stuffed animals come in all shapes and sizes! Some are made specifically for children, without beads or buttons. These squishy toys, generally made from acrylic or cotton yarns, make a perfect bedmate for toddlers. Others have button jointing, so the arms and legs move, and some even have glass beads for eyes. These toys are not recommended for children under the age of five. You can order your stuffed animal any way you want!

The baby blankets are all made of cotton, so they are easy to clean! You can even toss them in the washing machine, on the gentle cycle. I like to use yarns that have multiple colors so that tough stains can be hidden in the variegation. There are many colors available, and an optional fleece trim!

My hats with ears are fun for all ages, and look great on both men and women! Made with wool and a strand of anything else they are both warm and soft to the touch. They are made in a bonnet style, which leaves your forehead exposed while covering the rest of your head. Tie strings allow you to pull the hood down a bit when you tie it nice and tight.

For your cats and dogs, I have many options available! Cats and Dogs alike adore our Mice! Made of wool, knit then felted, and stuffed with bells or shakers and catnip, they have the ability to entertain for years! Ball and String toys are my most versatile toy. Hang it on a doorknob, and watch your cats entertain themselves for hours! For a more hands on approach, grab one end and walk down the hall, the other ball trailing behind you. To drive a dog crazy, throw the ball, then pull it back! Just for dogs, try out a talking toy! Made of recycled wool sweaters, with phrases such as “bite me” and “fetch” written across their fronts, these Squeaker Toys are fun for you and your dog! They are also the most durable toy we sell.

Check out my Photo Albums on Facebook for examples of my past work, if you see something you would like reproduced especially for you, or have your own ideas for custom works, contact me at hideandhair@yahoo.com ! I’ll be happy to work with you in creating your own custom hand knit item. Or you can just check out my items for sale on Etsy!