Pam's Knitting

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A neighbor taught me to knit when I was eight years old, and after a short hiatus I came back to knitting when Randy and I moved our family back to Wisconsin in 1994. Lately I’ve fallen into what Randy calls a bad crowd of fiber fiends, and with their help I have dabbled in different methods of yarn dyeing, project felting (or fulling), and we always have our eyes out for new and different ways to knit.

I enjoy knitting traditional items such as scarves, which I prefer to make with a ribbed center so that they lay nicely under your collar in winter, or hats, mostly of the ear flap variety, or mittens, which are sort of my specialty. Knit window-pane mittens, durable wool manly mittens, and recycled sweater mittens are all items I make on a regular basis. My favorites are those with a “dummy” string attached, so I don’t lose a mitten when I pull them off at the store!

My favorite projects, however, are those slightly strange items that you and your pets never knew you needed! Cat sweaters, decorative dog collars, hand muffs, moebius scarves and purses, hot water bottle cozies, and knitted mice are just some of my latest ‘pet’ projects. The felted items I knit are incredibly warm and durable, and include slippers, mittens, and oven mitts made to match your kitchen d├ęcor! We could even put together a Kitchen bundle, with felted wool oven mitts and cotton dishcloths.

I generally knit whatever new pattern or yarn catches my eye, but I also like to make special order items. If you see something you like in my photo gallery on Facebook that isn’t for sale on Etsy, send me an e-mail at and we can get something together for you! However, please understand that much of my yarn is hand dyed, and though I can try to replicate the colors, they will not always be the exact same. Thanks!