Randy's Leather

I have been making custom leather items since 1978. I have a few prefab items up for sale on our Etsy page; the rest of my work is one of a kind and only made to order. I have a photo album of past work on Facebook so you can get a feel for what I do.

Essential to every wardrobe, I make custom leather belts to fit any occasion. If you want a trouser belt, gunbelt, cartridge belt, or shotshell belt, I’m your man. If you are looking for something intended for cowboy action shooting, see the Cowboy Gear section. Shoot me an e-mail at hideandhair@yahoo.com and we can discuss design, color, length, and buckle options: Simple, understated, or flashy.

Cowboy Gear
If you are looking for custom leather that is historically accurate for your next reenactment or cowboy action shoot, you’ve come to the right place. I make gun belts and holsters, chaps and spur straps, saddlebags, and even cowboy cuffs. I spend a lot of time ensuring that my gear is authentic to the era, researching different patterns and styles used pre-civil war through the turn of the century and all the way to the end of the cowboy era. If you don’t know what you want, give me your “era” and I’ll suggest some appropriate styles. Almost never found in the real old west, I also make the occasional hat band and cartridge belt slide.

Military Leather Gear
From American Civil War, Indian Wars, and extending through WWII German items. I’ve done Army, Marine, Naval, WWI & WWI Kraut. I can make almost anything, but sometimes an item needs a “special” piece of hardware and that limits my versatility. I’ve actually “robbed” hardware off of basket case pieces in order to reproduce that hard to come by item. So don’t throw anything away!!

I can produce a variety of holsters, including shoulder, standard and cross-draw, to fit a variety of pistols and revolvers. My holsters are custom fit to a particular firearm and barrel length, so I need to know up front what kind of hardware you’re going to hang in it. Let me know what style that you are looking for, and we can work together to come up with a holster tailor fit for your needs.

Knife Scabbards
Regardless of whether you have a folding knife or a straight “stick” knife, I can set you up with a quality piece of work that will not only protect your investment, but showcase it to its best. Either a modern design or something more traditional, I am sure that we can come up something to make you proud.

Custom key chains, checkbook covers, leather repairs, etc. If you need it, chances are I have the leather and either have a pattern for it or will make a pattern.