Saturday, April 27, 2013

Raspberry Bushes

We live in a duplex where our neighbor is also the landlord. One day I expressed interest in planting raspberry bushes along the fence line next to their raspberry bushes, and my wonderful landlady said "If you want raspberries, we'll purchase them for you!" So earlier this week that wonderful landlady and I finished clearing out the raspberry patch, and last night she knocked on the door letting me know there were five bushes and a few bags of compost and manure on the back porch! (It's Chicken Manure and "Garden Compost", I'll keep you updated on the status of the bushes!) This morning I worked the compost and manure into the soil (we have very heavy clay soil, and I've heard that compost and manure work best for amending the soil!) and then planted my bushes. It seems to be perfect timing as we will have some cloudy days coming up, which is also important when planting raspberries! I just hope we live here long enough to enjoy some berries from our bushes! Here's a picture of the finished raspberry patch! (If you look really close you can see my five stark raspberry sticks poking up!)

Here are a few shots of the rest of the yard as of today:

I'm hoping to cut sod for the asparagus patch (will be situated behind the Raised Beds) and the Green Bean Trellis soon, but my hands are a bit sore from hand tilling today, and my list of indoor chores is pretty long! Plus, my helper has gotten a new job, and between training and working out his last two weeks at the old job, it looks like I'll be doing all the manual labor myself! Maybe next weekend once all of my finals are finished for the semester....

Also - I have been knitting a little bit, and should have some new products to show off in the near future! :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Someday I'll talk about knitting...but today is not that day!

Between school and work and seedlings and exercise there hasn't been much time for knitting. I'll get a week off between spring and summer maybe I'll get something accomplished then! A girl can dream! :)

For your pleasure, today I have more photos of seedlings! I also have a photo of the outside flowers that didn't make it through the last three snowfalls we've had since I took the pictures. Springtime in the Rockies means you never know what kind of weather to expect, and the last two weeks have been pretty dismal...cloudy and gray and filled with snow and mini hail!

Deer poo! The lawn is covered in it!
The Rose Bush

Pretty Flower!

Sweet Bell Pepper
Cherry Tomato

The seedlings!

I might have gotten a bit excited with the seedlings. Let's hope they last until June 15th when I can put them in the ground! Also, if anyone has any advice on what to do with that rose bush - let me know!!!

Hope everyone has a great week, and hope the weather gives us a few days of sunshine!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Springtime in the Rockies

Not only have I been playing with seedlings and the back yard, Matt and I have also started our Peet's Hill walk/jogs. Since I started last year never imagining I could jog at all and ended the summer jogging up the hill (albeit very painfully) I can't wait to see what happens this year, since I jogged down the backside yesterday already! Woohoo! I can feel it today in my abs, and am ready to head out again very soon!! We took some pictures on the first Peet's Hill walk last week, avoiding most of the muddy shots!
Clouds and Mountains and Trees, oh my!

Campus from Peet's Hill

The M from Peet's Hill

Someday I'll know what mountain chain this is