Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Locks of Love

Every few years I donate my hair to Locks of Love, an organization that makes hair pieces for children who have lost their own hair due to medical conditions. I think it's great that I can do something that means so much to another person, especially when it doesn't take much effort or work on my part. I just grow my hair, cut it off, and make someone's day! Here's the most recent cut, from January of this year.


If you want to do something, to give to your fellow man, but don't know how...try Locks of Love. It's relatively easy, it's free, and you might really make a difference! (If you get your Locks haircut at Great Clips, the haircut is free!! Even better right??) 


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and donating to Locks of Love. We're proud to help support such a great cause.

    As a FYI for your readers: not all Great Clips salons participate in Locks of Love. For those looking to donate, I suggest calling their nearest salon and asking if the salon participates in Locks of Love.

    Thanks again for sharing your photos and helping out.

    Kasey Skala
    Great Clips, Inc

  2. Thanks for the info Kasey!

    I went to the Great Clips in Bozeman, MT.