Sunday, February 8, 2015

Etsy Weekends - Glassware

Matt and I have a strange love of glassware. As we learned about different alcohols, trying to find adult beverages that we could drink, Matt did a lot of research on specialty glassware. We have special glasses for beer, lambic, and wine. Now we just need special glasses for mixed drinks! Growing up, I was always fascinated by the depression glassware my Grandpa owns, that was a wedding present for his parents. They are gorgeous - green stems and rosy goblets. The love of those glasses has tempered my taste, and here are some beautiful examples of glass for sale on Etsy that would look great in my cupboard, and yours too!

Lumincarc MidCentury Wine Goblets from Tim and Kim Show

Blue Sherbet Glasses from Pancho's Porch

Amber Ball Base Martini Glasses from Decadent Treasure
Stop in next week to see if we're here with more fun Etsy finds! 

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