Sunday, July 31, 2016

Etsy Weekends - For the (Wedding) Hair

As I am planning a wedding (and have been for nearly two years) I tend to linger over the wedding ideas. Things I would never normally be attracted to, like fiddly things for your hair. I am generally terribly boring about my hair. I wash it. Brush it. Cut it once a year if it needs it, and pull it back with plain black hair ties to keep it out of my face. But a wedding...well, there's all kinds of nifty things you can do to your hair then. Here are two that I am contemplating currently:

Unique Simple Bridal Headpiece Draped V Wedding Headband unusual head chain hair jewelry pins bandeau boho bohemian forehead circlet 225
V Headband from danani 
Flowercomb  SOPHIA
Flowercomb from We Are Flower Girls

Come visit soon to see what other goodies we have found on Etsy!

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