Monday, August 15, 2011

Montana Visit

Mom (Pam) came to visit me (Kirsten) in Montana this past weekend! It was a short visit, and we packed in as much as possible! There was a little yarn shopping, (a little...hah!) some regular shopping, a little hiking, and a lot of eating! Matt and I wanted to share our favorite parts of Bozeman with Mom, and give her a taste of what we like to do. We even got her to play Little Big Planet 2! It was her first time on a PlayStation controller, and I must say that after years of Zelda on the Nintendo, she picked it up pretty quick, even if the grappling was a little rough!

Enough talk, I know you want to see the pictures! To check out all the pictures we took, which sadly isn't very many, you can find them on our Facebook page!

Hyalite Canyon Reservoir

Pam and Kirsten, more worried about Alex falling down the rock face than posing for a picture!

Pam in her Jackson Electric shirt!

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