Saturday, August 27, 2011


So today was the annual fundraiser for the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter in Bozeman, MT. Matt and I have been excited to go ever since we heard about it! Of course we spent all of our money this week on the move across town, so we weren't able to buy anything we wanted (which might not be a bad thing after all, we saw all kinds of stuff we wanted!) but we got some business cards and plan on donating once we get paid again. We watched the puppies do their dock diving (lots of fun!!) and some herding, and we were planning on watching the cat talent show, but found out that all the talented cats had been adopted! I snapped a few pictures while we were there, everyone had adorable dogs and I could have taken pictures all day!

Biggest Great Dane I've ever seen! His head came up to my chest!


Some dogs didn't quite jump, this one walked down the plank!

We also talked to the nicest gentleman from Helena, who only sells cat toys that have met his cats approval (which I think is a great idea!) Matt, ever the businessman, mentioned my cat toys and we will be sending some to the man in charge of Cool Cyber Cats and Cool Cat Pics for his approval! Wish us luck!

Have a cat-tastic weekend everyone! :)

Lela and Norman behaving for once!

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