Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bernard the Angora Bunny

Bernard joined our team in October 2011. When he came home, he was an adorable year old black buck, with his full winter coat still on! After tangling with plucking and shaving fro two weeks we finally got him uncovered. we bought a good slicker brush and have tried over the last 4 1/2 months to keep his coat combed and mat free, which isn't easy! Once to twice weekly brushing still couldn't contend with the growth of his underside fur. This week we started plucking and shaving again, and I can finally see the fruits of my brushing efforts: it took hours to clear his back instead of days! In one short week we have plucked and shaved him clean, and I have more usable fiber this time around! Bernie was an inside bunny this winter, but we hope to get him a nice outdoor hutch for next year. I am crossing my fingers that his fur will stay combed and relatively mat free for the next harvest, either way I'll let you know!

A special note from Bernard:

I wanted to share some important information about bunny health that Matt & Kirsten learned the hard way this week. It's very difficult to tell that something is wrong with your bunny. Pay close attention to any differences in their behavior, especially their water and food consumption. Even the smallest changes can mean something big is happening inside your bunny. Two weeks ago I started eating fewer pellets, Kirsten thought I was being a picky bunny because I was eating my fresh vegetables and some of the seeds that are in my pellet food. But then on Monday I stopped drinking my water and stopped eating my pellet food completely. They took me to a nice lady pet doctor who said the cause was most likely wool block - I love to groom myself and ate too much of my own hair and now I have a hairball in my tummy. It makes me feel full so I don't eat, drink, or poop much. Dehydration becomes the major concern for a bunny with a blockage, because in a few days time your bunny can go from super healthy to super sick. I still look and feel fine, I'm active and my usual sweet self, but I'm seriously sick right now. If you have one of me at home, don't dismiss any strange behavior and keep a close watch on my poo, the smaller they get, the worse I'm feeling!!

I'll keep you updated on the size of my poo, today it's still pretty small, less than half the normal size.

Lots of Love & Affection,
Bernard the bunny  

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