Sunday, February 12, 2012

We've been busy

I thought it was about time I wrote about our latest trip.  Since our blog is all about knitting I thought I'd start with a picture of me knitting on the train to New Orleans.  I had a cold so I always had a box of tissues close at hand! The train was great, and so was the trip, I would love to go again!  The hardest decision was what to take with - which yarn and projects?  As Randy put it, I took half a sheep with me!  I must admit it was close, but you never know what you might want to knit!  I didn't knit as much as I thought I would, I was too busy looking out the windows of the train and then walking all over the French Quarter!  We rode the train from Tomah, Wisconsin to Chicago, and then had a several hour wait till we headed to New Orleans.  We left the train station and found an awesome Chicago style pizza place. Someone asked me what my favorite part of New Orleans was and it's hard to say, the architecture was amazing, it was warm and sunny, we went to a plantation, we rode a river boat, did a bus tour of the city, went on a ghost walk, ate lots of food and of course we spent some time listening to great jazz music.  I hate to admit, but the top of my list isn't much of an activity.  Saturday morning everyone broke off and did different things, my knee hurt and I didn't feel like walking for miles, so I met the group at Jackson Square.  I took my knitting and sat in the sun, watched people, and knit for a while!  Here's Jackson Square at night.

On our way home we had a four hour layover in Chicago, this time we went to the top of the "Sears" Tower.  I know its new name is Willis Tower, but everyone knows it as the Sears Tower.  They have a place where you can stand in glass and look 1100 feet down to the ground!   I didn't think I would step out on the glass, but here's a picture to prove we all did!  Notice I have a knitting bag with me!  I have a picture with just my feet but it's on my phone.

Sheila went to K 9 Country Lodge while we were gone, she had a massage and was groomed! I think she was pampered quite a bit, and really had a nice time.  I'm sure she's ready for us to go on vacation again!  One of my best friends, Auntie Gayle, came out to feed the sheep and Gracie every day we were gone.  She sent me pictures one day - she was trying to catch the sheep with hay on their faces!  They all love when Auntie Gayle comes to feed them because she gives them extra grain.  I love it because I know I don't have to worry about my girls!

Even though it is winter, we've been getting ready for a few craft shows here in the area.  The next one is going to be at Molly's in Black River Falls the first Saturday of March.  I'm busy knitting wristlets and mice.  I'm doing a lot of them in my new color way - Mardis Gras!  Look for them on Etsy soon.

I'm off to work on some cleaning.  We put in new windows and I need to get things put back in place!

Pam - in Wisconsin

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