Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Specialty Mice

Norman LOVES mice :)

At Hide and Hair, we love Mice! Not the real mice that scurry on your floors and leave little droppings, but our felted wool, catnip stuffed, shaker or bell noisemaking Mice! We love them so much we make them for every occasion, every cat (or dog!) and every person. We've made Packers, Vikings, snowflakes, meow, help, striped, fuzzy, and peace, love, and happines. They come in different colors, sometimes different shapes and sizes. Some even come without noisemakers or catnip (for all the 'mean drunks' out there)! We love our mice so much, that we've even started making specialty mice for specialty stores!

Immediately after this was taken, she stole one from the bowl.

First up in our new series called Specialty Mice for Specialty Stores is the EEK mouse, found only at Maiden Wisconsin! Here's what owner Deb had to say about this Specialty Store:

Maiden Wisconsin is found at 124 N. Water Street in the heart of historic downtown Sparta Wisconsin, and is across from Ginny's Cupboard Restaurant. We are located in the newly restored 1899 Sugden building where the original maple floors and ornate tin ceiling are still intact! Gifts of the area abound: whether jewelry, paintings, t-shirts, jams, mixes, soaps, toys, candies, carvings, games, dog treats, felted items, area publications or some great "EEK" catnip mice; Maiden Wisconsin has them for your enjoyment. These often one-of-a-kind destination gifts cater to the locals, bike trail visitors, and military at near by Fort McCoy. Come in and have a handful of popcorn, a micro-brewed soda, and enjoy the wonderful artisan products! We are open M-Sat 9-3, but if you come by and see her closed, just ask a soda jerk over at Ginny's and we will be happy to open the doors for you!

Norman kept getting scared of the camera, and never caught one for himself. 

So the next time you find yourself in Sparta, drop by this wonderful local store and check out what they've got to offer, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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