Sunday, September 2, 2012

September already?

So August might have gotten away from us here at Hide and Hair. It was a crazy month with the Jackson County Fair, a family reunion, a vacation (for Kirsten and Matt at least), three wisdom teeth removed (Matt), and a new found diet. The Tomato garden also got away from me here in MT - too bad they will all freeze before they all ripen!

Here it is in July:

And here it is this afternoon (sorry for the glare!):

I can't hardly find my Banana Peppers (see them there on the left of the close up) and my carrots and onions are definitely MIA. Well, lessons learned for next year, tomatoes will take over everything if you let them. And so will squash. 

Next week: Pictures from Matt and Kirsten's wild drive across the mid-parts of the US! On a crusade to visit all family members Matt and Kirsten went on a 9 day journey from Montana to Indiana and back again by way of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota! 

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