Monday, December 10, 2012

What You've Missed

Alternate Title: What We Haven't Been Blogging About!

So I guess the Fall got away from us. Here it is in a quick breakdown:

Randy and Pam had a lovely visit to North Carolina, and a few other places along the way. Pam wants to share some photos and some stories - when she gets time!

Kirsten is back in school! And has even decided what to do with her life - sort of. You can expect fewer posts from her as she struggles with a full course load until 2016-ish.

There have been new developments in Hide and Hair's mice on Etsy. New snowflake mice, new Peace, Love and Happiness Mice and new ways to purchase them thanks to changes made by Etsy!

The fabled Kick Sticks (which have been in the works for months now) have gone through rigorous testing and are now available for sale on Etsy!

It has been a tough year for pets as Randy and Pam said goodbye to Spike, Ginger, Sheila and Bruce. This fall though, they said hello to Lucy! (Expect pictures to follow - they are a bit enamored). Kirsten and Matt lost Bernard to wool block. He was one of those unfortunate bunnies who got wool block every three months with his shed, and he didn't make it through the last one. As Bernie was more of a pet who gave lots of fiber rather than a farm animal who produced fiber, they won't be finding a replacement anytime soon.

The Fall has been filled with travelling, job changes, Community Band events, sewing and lots of knitting. Looking forward to what's left of the Christmas season, and a winter filled with more fun, and knitting!

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