Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One hat done many more to knit

While we were on our vacation in October (I promise I will post pictures and adventures from our vacation soon)  I showed our friend Wendy some of my yarn.  I was knitting a hat and she wanted one!  So now only about six weeks later I have it finished and it will be making it's way to Memphis tomorrow!

 The hat is knit from my girls wool, it was spun at Black Berry Ridge and I dyed it.  The background color is multi colored blues and purples.

My current project is a Seaman Style scarf made out of natural gray wool from our girls.  It was also spun at Black Berry Ridge.  I'm hoping to have that finished for a friend on Friday night.  Then the next knitting projects will be some more tiger paw ear flap hats.  They will be available on Etsy soon!

Okay so I'm putting in a couple of the pictures from our vacation.  This was at Gettysburg.  The barn in the background was actually there during the battle.  I'm planning on doing some reading on Gettysburg before our next trip back.  
No vacation is complete without some sheep.  This is a sheep from Mount Vernon.  It is a Hog Island Sheep.

Sorry I don't have a picture of Lucy to put up in this blog.  All of her pictures are on my phone.  She had something on her head tonight and had a bath in the sink!

I must knit!
Pam from Wisconsin

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