Thursday, February 27, 2014

32nd International Street Food Bazaar

Every year MSU hosts the International Street Food Bazaar in Bozeman, MT. It is held on campus, and this year it seemed like they had record numbers of people attending. Last year was my first visit - I went as part of an assignment for one of my classes. This year Matt was able to go along with me! (And I was there to enjoy the food, not to do a class assignment!) I wanted to get pictures of the food we ate, and of the students making the food...but I got a little too excited about the food...and ended up without any pictures of the actual event. Whoops! Maybe next year :) I did however, bring home the brochure...and took pictures of that!

We enjoyed ourselves immensely. We went with $40, and came home with $1. We went with empty bellies, and came home overstuffed! It was all in all, a fantastic event! We were able to eat from 11 different countries, from Africa to China to Peru. We tried two different curries, (and could have tried more!) had four different types of rice, and four different beverages. We had chicken and beef and fried plantains!

I think my favorite booth was Saudi Arabia's curry, although I didn't like the veggies - okra and green beans. I also loved the sticky rice from Peru's booth, that came with their version of stir fried beef, complete with onions and tomato chunks. I also loved Burma's pumpkin ginger cupcakes, and Malaysia's Pink Lady beverage. Matt thoroughly enjoyed Indonesia's Chicken Sate with Chili and Garlic Peanut Sauce, and India's spicy Samosa (like a pasty!) and curried chicken. He also cleaned the plate filled at the African Society's booth - fried plantains, rice, and spicy chicken sauce. We were glad we also grabbed Aruk from Iraq, because as a biscuit-y pastry filled with meat, it was not spicy and helped cool our mouths between bites of seriously spicy curry. The American Indian Council's fry bread with honey and powdered sugar really capped the night off for us, in a doughy sweet treat.

We can't wait to go back again next year!! What do you think you would have tried?


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