Monday, February 3, 2014

Outside My Comfort Zone

This semester I am taking a class on Violence in Latin America. It is extremely interesting, albeit a little sad and disturbing at times. The professor has required that all the students do a project, so me being me, I decided to do something with the fiber arts! She is trying to push me out of my comfort zone however, and has suggested a wall hanging that I have decided I will needle felt. I might wet felt the base, then needle felt the design over top.

The question is however, (and the reason I'm writing this post!) what do I do for the design?

I'm considering many options - but I want to stay positive. Something along the lines of life continuing on in the face of adversity. I like the idea of incorporating the pulse and colors of the African movements in Brazil, but not sure how to proceed from there.

What are your ideas? Do you have any experiences in Latin America - Good, Bad or Ugly? As a consumer of knowledge, what would you like to see in an abstract piece of art? Coming from the queen of cat toys, this is quite a different world for me, and I would love your input!

If you have tips or input, but are too shy to comment here, feel free to email me at I check our email account daily!

Ile Aiye

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  1. Maybe something to do with female empowerment or women starting their own businesses?