Monday, March 3, 2014

Knitting Cat Toys

With the semester in full swing I don't have time to do any really intensive knitting. Every once in a while, usually once a week or less, when I need a break from school work, I will allow myself an hour, or two, (or in some really bad cases up to three!) during which I sit on the couch watching something on Netflix and knitting. Since I don't give myself that much time I usually end up knitting replacement mice (for those that have sold recently on Etsy). This way I don't have to bother finding yarn, and a pattern, and needles etc. for a new project. I just reach over, grab my list of mice that need to be knit, pull out the yarn from the mice yarn bag, and get started. Since each mouse takes 45 minutes to knit, and a few minutes to stitch together, I can usually get one whole mouse done during an hour long program. Here is the fruit of my labors so far this semester:

When school gets really tough, I find my mind wandering even more. The last week or so I've been thinking about new cat toys. I need to make more ball and string toys, since we're sold out on Etsy. I even bought a new Embellish Knit to do so. But now I think I might use the Embellish Knit for other toys since the thick cotton yarn will eventually break it. So I now have visions of wool i-cords felted into indestructible toys for the kitties. But what is at the end of that i-cord? That part I haven't figured out yet. I do know that I want to make them interactive toys by looping the i-cord to go around a finger:

Most of our toys aren't interactive, and that makes me feel we are doing a disservice to our customers. Mice are fun for the kitties, but not always for the people! So what do you think you would like to have dangling from the end of your kitty's new i-cord toy? A mouse shape? A fish shape? A ball? Or something completely different? Let me know in the comments!!

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