Monday, March 31, 2014

Yarn Love - Nashua Knits

Mom and I (Pam and Kirsten!) like to trade yarn. In the last few years it's been mostly Mom sending me yarn, because her stash is a lot bigger than mine, and I haven't really been able to purchase new yarn! A while back when I was expressing my desire to knit Bobcat themed items, Mom sent over some blue and yellow yarn for me to play with. The Nashua Creative Focus Chunky yarn she sent was a little more purple than blue, so the yarn hung out in my closet for a while (one to two years...a relatively short shelf life around here!) A few months back when I was in the haze of infinity scarf knitting I came across the Nashua again, and holding the yellow up against some gray Knitpicks yarn, I had a spurt of inspiration. The poor purple/blue is still languishing upstairs, waiting for its turn in the spotlight, but the yellow made a beautiful moebius!

The yarn itself knit up beautifully, it is a chunky yarn, but with my knitpicks rainbow needles I never had any issues catching or splitting it on the needle tips. The fabric is lush, soft, fluffy, and warm! (Knit up on size 15 needles I believe, in a checkerboard pattern.) This yarn does have one downfall - it shed a bit while I was knitting. The composition is 75% wool and 25% alpaca, and I fear the alpaca wasn't as fine as I am accustomed to. But overall, this was a fun yarn to work with. If you click the link on the picture (sorry it's so small!) you can see the fuzzy quality of the yarn.

Nashua Handknits Yarn Creative Focus Chunky Lavender Heather 0712
Lavender Heather
I'm honestly not sure where Mom got the yarn, but it is relatively easy to find online. Here are a few colorways on Royal Yarns website.

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