Monday, August 11, 2014


I'll admit I'm not getting a ton of knitting accomplished between vacations, working, and tending to the garden - it seems like we are pickling peppers every other day! But I did get a few scarves knit up this summer. I really love making infinity loops - I'm so glad they are popular these days! Making a moebius is always fun, I never really know how long they will be when they come off the needles, and trying to make patterns in the fabric always has interesting results. If you remember, we first brought up moebius knitting back in December and then showed off some of the scarves in January. I used some funky yarn this summer, hand dyed by Pam, so I kept the patterns pretty simple in this grouping. I also made a super soft and lofty alpaca loop! It is by far my favorite (don't tell the other scarves though!) and I am thinking I may just need one for myself :)

I'm building the listings on Etsy today, and hope to have them up by the end of the month! For now, here's a little preview :)

Black Wool and Purple/White Fluffy Yarn - Made interesting wide stripes!

Hand Dyed Blue and White Wool from Pam, done up in wide bands as well.

Another skein of hand dyed wool from Pam, this time in a loose seed stitch, very bumpy texture!

The alpaca scarf - I did knit and purl ridges here as well, but the texture of this yarn kept them close together. This scarf looks skinny, but it actually stretches quite wide because of the ribs it created.

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