Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Frozen Peppers

I never did get around to sharing pictures of the other pepper plants with you this summer, I might have to do that this fall/winter. For now, imagine I have shared them with you! Our peppers officially left the greenhouse last weekend. Matt pulled out the last pimientos de padron and pepperoncinis and we fried them up and had them as an appetizer to our supper. I can't wait for next summer, when we can have them again! He also pulled out a few more bell peppers and the last of the hot peppers. He chopped them all up and we tossed them in the freezer with the other two gallon freezer bags filled with vacuum sealed peppers.

Bell Peppers, hot peppers, and banana peppers from August 16th 2014

Tonight, we will be using our vacuum sealed peppers for supper, and we're so excited to be able to use the bounty of our harvest even though the peppers are dead and gone. I know I'll still never grow enough peas to make Grandpa Arneson happy, but I sure was able to grow enough peppers :) (check back with me in March...hopefully they do last all winter!)

How did your canning go this year? Are you still working your way thru, or are you stocked and looking forward to pumpkin season?

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