Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sheep Shearing In Wisconsin

This year we did something different on sheep shearing day.  We sheared the sheep in the barn! Randy put up a gate to keep the sheep in, and since it looked like it was going to rain we locked them up the night before.  I expected to find them wandering the yard in the morning, but instead I found a Sand Hill Crane!

It kind of freaked me out!  Randy was able to sneak out and take a picture of it.  He said he should have done a movie so he could have gotten a picture of it's wingspan.

The shearer couldn't believe how friendly and well behaved my sheep were.  Buttercup was the first one to get her wool cut.  When he finished with her she was turned loose in the yard and had access to the pen.  She went over to see the other sheep and they didn't know who she was with her sporty new haircut!  She kept wandering into the barn to keep an eye on the shearer!  Gracie the llama had the last hair cut of the day, and now we're good for another year. The wool is all in bags ready to go be processed into either yarn, roving or socks!

Our friendly Amish Sheep Shearer

Sheila watched!


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