Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Moebius Scarf

A few years back Pam got a hold of a new knitting book by Cat Bordhi - A Treasury of Magical Knitting. Within that book were directions on how to make a moebius in knitting! A moebius is an object that has only one side, and one edge. Basically they are infinity loops, that twist once. Pam spent a lot of time making all kinds of things from the Magical Knitting Treasuries (there are two!) including the scarves, a cat bed, and several purses.

Young model with 'Jester' purse
Moebius Purses felted - Noro wool

With the newfound popularity of 'infinity loop' scarves I thought it was time for me to learn this method and start making the scarves that people want. Pam graciously sent me the pattern book, new needles, and yarn to start making scarves! I couldn't wait for the semester to end so I could start knitting, and I haven't stopped for almost a week now! I have made five scarves and have so many ideas for others, check them out on Etsy! (Minus one now - the red one sold this morning!!)

Pam has been knitting too, and also has new items ready for sale on Etsy, now to just get them listed! :) Happy Tuesday!

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