Sunday, December 29, 2013

Etsy Weekends - National Parks

I only have one item to share with you this weekend, but it is very cool...thus worthy of its very own post! A little background first: Matt and I love to travel. Over the last few years we've been a bit silly about it, moving instead of visiting...but it's been an exciting and interesting adventure! We have big travel plans for our future when we have real jobs and vacation time and all that. For now, our plans are a little smaller. We live in South Western Montana, and have easy (well easy enough!) access to several National Parks. So far we've only visited Yellowstone, and haven't really been able to explore it in as great of depth as we would like. Also, living on this side of the country it will be much easier to road trip to National Parks in California, and the Pacific Northwest. While we're waiting for the financial stability to travel the world, we figure we'll travel this immense country first! The item I found on Etsy that I'm sharing today will help us track our travels...and it is perfect for us!

National Parks Checklist Map Print - 20x24 mounted canvas
National Parks Checklist Map from ElloThere

We hope you've enjoyed this installment of Etsy Weekends, and hope to see you back next weekend!

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