Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Have a Great Vacation

First, you have to pick a great location. Like Beautiful Bozeman Montana!

Then, plan out your tour of eating (and drinking!). (I don't actually have any pictures of the food we ate, or the coffee and tea we drank over the weekend. In our normal fashion, once the food arrived all thoughts of pictures just floated away. So you'll have to take our word for it, the food was wonderful, displayed beautifully, and allowed for plenty of conversation.) Our tour included Chickpea, Pho Real, Rice, and Sir Scott's Oasis!

Next, you should plan on visiting a few local businesses. If you don't check to make sure they are open first, and end up driving around town with no luck, make sure you take lots of pictures of the scenery!!

You should also head downtown for shopping, and pick up the local flavor by watching the people of Bozeman.

Downtown is also a great place to look at nifty architectural elements.

And last but not least, get out of town and look at the beauty of the valley.


Thanks to Lisa for the photos provided of her recent visit! It was cloudy and wet for most of her visit, but she got some amazing views of this place while she was here!!

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  1. Great post! It was a blast too, thanks so much for your hospitality! :)