Friday, June 20, 2014

Kitties in the Bathroom

Our kitties, Norman and Lela, are pretty strange critters. When it was just Lela, she LOVED bath time! She wanted to be near me, and then near Matt, at every moment of the day, including shower and potty time (which can be a little obnoxious). She would hang out in the sink, or on the toilet lid, and then jump in the tub when we would climb out of the shower. When Norman came around though, he had fleas. We had to give the kitties at least four flea baths. Lela stopped coming in the bathroom with us after that.

Fast forward to the last year, when Norman started joining us in the bathroom. He loves the attention that he gets, and grows upset if we don't pet him enough. Over the last few weeks however, Lela has started joining us in the bathroom again. Now with both kitties in the bathroom, neither is happy with the attention they get, but we think it's adorable. What do you think?

There's just one problem, Norman tends to pee on things Lela loves. Here's hoping he doesn't pee in the bathroom!!

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