Saturday, June 22, 2013

Etsy Weekends - Anklets

I love Anklets! When I was younger my friend Kitty and I would make all kinds of jewelry, she did beading and I loved Norwegian Braiding. Our favorite things to make were bracelets and anklets. Grandpa Bjerke found some wool ends at an auction one year and gave them to us, and as soon as I saw the gorgeous turquoise and apple green peaking out through the orange and smokey blues I knew this stuff would make great jewelry! I made an anklet of the ugliest color combination imaginable and wore that sucker til it practically fell off me. I loved it with a love only a young girl can know for a piece of jewelry she has made herself and worn "for like forever". I haven't worn an anklet in years, but every once in a while I get an inkling for some ankle love. Here are a few of my favorites from Etsy!

Leather Eternity Knot Anklet      
Leather Eternity Knot from Pendragon Jewelry
Bracelet Anklet Gold Greek Key Anchor Greece Ancient Copper Bracelets Anklets
Gold Grecian Anklet from GR168

Adjustable Woven Hemp Bracelets or Anklets
Hemp Anklet from highwaytocali

Open star anklet, Sterling silver, delicate and cute.
Star Anklet from lookatmeshop

We hope you've enjoyed our taste this week, come back next week to see what else we've found!

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