Monday, June 10, 2013

More Garden Lessons Learned

Last year Grandpa Arneson told me I didn't plant enough peas. This year I decided to quadruple my production and add in a pea trellis of twine.

Here's what it looked like after a bad wind storm:

I tried two different methods, one where I tied each joint, and one where I didn't. I think you can tell which side I tied!! I've learned my lesson - twine will make a mess if it isn't tied in place. My method was pretty simple, to start I wrapped then stapled the twine into place around my stakes at top and bottom. Then I tied a third strand of twine to the top, then started a v pattern where I would tie to the top twine, then down to the bottom. Here's what it looked like after I fixed the 'bad' side:

You can even see my peas growing up already! I'll post more pictures as the peas grow and hopefully attach themselves to the twine, we'll get to see how it works together!

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