Saturday, June 29, 2013

See Through Lace Knitting

While Mom and I have time to chat in person about knitting, we thought we'd chat about an idea we've both been formulating for different projects. When I was working on the Hand Warmer Scarf I thought that matching mittens would be really great, but I didn't want to do a simple color block pattern, or even to replicate the snowflake pattern. I thought that it would be really nifty to knit the inside in the purple, then knit the outside in the blue, and do a lace pattern across the back (maybe in the snowflake shape) so that the purple would peek out through the holes. I also want to use this method in the building of wedding reticules...but it is an idea that has been shelved many times over the  years as other projects and ideas have taken precedence.

Mom has also come to this conclusion while working on a pair of lined homespun llama mittens, that a lace overlay showing the second layer would look really great!

As always, we are continually evolving our designs and ideas are constantly coming and going, sometimes becoming actual objects, and sometimes staying as a thought in the back of the mind. Hopefully soon one of us will have an update on what we came up with...but for now, it's just one more teaser for you!

Have a great weekend, we are certainly enjoying ours!

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