Sunday, October 6, 2013

Etsy Weekends - Cuffs

I love bracelets, and especially love the look of cuffs. You;d almost never know it though, since even when I do wear jewelry it's usually rings and a watch on my hands and wrists. I have one gorgeous bracelet that is locked in the vault at Mom and Dad's house. Someday I'll have my jewelry in my house...but for now I have to drool over what I could buy from Etsy.  
Playing with Fire Orange Patina Copper Cuff Bangle Bracelet
Copper Cuff from Kim Forrer Designs
Hammered Brass Cuff Bracelet, A Rustic Handmade Red Brass Bracelet, With A Slight Heat Patina- Windblown Blossoms
Brass Cuff from Febra Rose
sterling silver hammered cuff
Silver Cuff from Revonav
S A L E  Light Blue Translucent Cuff Bracelet  Asian Ornate Design, Handmade  Jewelry by theshagbag on Etsy
Clay Cuff from The Shag Bag

That's it this time, come back again next week!

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