Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Written Word in Knitting

So, Interweave Press is holding a contest that involves knit writing. I saw the ad in one of my Piecework Magazines and have been rolling the idea around in my head since I came across it.

My one big issue with this is that one of my favorite literary scenes is just that - a scene. For some reason it's the images I build in my mind from the words an author has written that sticks with me more than the words themselves. I've never been terribly good at reciting poetry from memory, or memorizing favorites lines from books. I fear that I would end up trying to spell out a whole page of writing from my favorite books, and that would mean an afghan instead of mittens! (The picture shown in the magazine is of Piecework's Poetry Mittens).

The only real reason I'm even tossing around ideas is because I already have an entire alphabet charted. Actually, I have two whole alphabets charted. I charted them when I was working on new sayings for the talking mice. I really like the idea of a hat...with the words spiraling up from the band, starting big and getting smaller...and maybe have the hat taper to a long tail like those ski hats that were so popular when I was a kid. Then I could use more words! :) Of course that leads to a lot of logistical problems. Knit letters can really only get so small. Plus, it would be a ton easier to not have the lines spiral, but I think the spiral would be the coolest. Another way to make a spiral would be to knit one long strip and stitch it together to form a spiral. But I don't see that working very well in a hat setting...unless I taper the starting piece...hmmm....

What do you think? What would you knit? And what literary piece would you quote? (My favorite is below....)


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