Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Tip

Wow there are a lot of words that go well with Tuesday aren't there?

Here's a fun story from Pam:

The other night I went to feed the sheep and when I came back through the garage I heard a beeping. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Both the car and the truck were in the garage and at first I thought it was one of them. Then I thought maybe it was our septic tank, because it has a warning buzzer on it. I told Randy and he wandered around too and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. So he drove his truck out, and then I drove my car out. We still had the noise. He went back in the house while I kept trying to find it. I got out my stopwatch on my phone and noticed it was going off every 30 seconds. Bright spot, I did throw a way a lot of stuff even though I couldn't find the source. Then Randy came back and he discovered it was coming from the garage door opener. He couldn't see anything causing it so I asked my phone! We have a Chamberlain garage door opener and it was the battery backup. It allows you to open the garage door during times of power outages. When the battery can no longer charge it will beep every 30 seconds. Who even knew we had a battery backup! We received directions on the best way to remove the battery and even where we can buy it! Now no more beeping!

Ah, the joys of technology, our smart phones can really be useful can't they? 

So there you have it folks, our Tuesday Tip is, "Keep your garages clean, and if you hear a beeping...it might be your garage door opener!" :)

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