Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tip

Between work and school I haven't had time to do much of anything fun, or have any adventures, or even do any knitting! But tonight I am doing something I love to do - making my first batch of fall soup. Tonight will be just plain old Chicken Dumpling Soup. (Turns out, plain old Chicken Dumpling soup is my favorite!)

When I first learned how to make this soup I was working at a restaurant that sent home chicken with me each Sunday. I would get home from work and pull all the meat from the bones and freeze the meat for later use. I made so much soup in college that it constituted the better part of my diet, and is probably why I only gained 40 pounds eating the cookies I sold at the other job. :)

These days though, I don't work in a restaurant so I have to find my chicken from other sources. Walmart, surprisingly enough, has given me the solution in the form of cold rotisserie chicken. When I have enough time I actually boil the chicken and make my own chicken stock, tonight however, I will just pull the meat from the bones and use my Better than Bouillon to make the stock.

The tip, well technically the second tip, since my first tip was to tell you to buy Walmart rotisserie chicken for your soup needs, is regarding the dumplings. When I was a kid I remember Mom trying every method she could find for making dumplings, and they always tasted terrible! Except for the dumplings she made in the pressure cooker. Those were pretty good.

The trick to dumplings is to boil the little buggers. You need to have a rolling boil going before you start dropping them in. For the batter itself, I start with a couple of eggs, and then stir in lots of flour. You want the dumpling batter to be thick, but not super thick. I don't use exact measurements, so really it's more of a "test out your dumplings" method...everyone likes different textures...so try a few different consistencies to find the kind you like! Anyway, that's all I put in my dumplings. Flour and egg. Then get the rolling boil going and dip your spoon with the batter right into the water. After a few times you can kind of fling the dumplings in until they get stuck again, then just dip them in the water. You keep this cycle up until your dumplings have doubled in size and you've finally gotten through your dough :) Or if you have older kids, hand off the bowl to let them make dumplings for a bit. Or if you have hungry neighbor kids, tell them they can eat at your house tonight if they make the dumplings. Basically, what I'm saying here is that making dumplings isn't the most fun a girl can have in the kitchen. But they sure can be worth the effort!

So there you have it folks, rolling boil, dip the dough. Simplest way to make dumplings for all of your fall soup needs!!
This is the Immersion Blender Soup fiasco, but the dumplings were fantastic! :)

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