Saturday, July 12, 2014

Etsy Weekends: Vintage Stylings

So I have a confession. I love clothes! Especially vintage clothing! I think it stems from one day in my youth when Mom found an old box full of tshirts from when she and Dad lived in Hawaii and Memphis. Old Harley Davidson shirts, old Marine Corps shirts, there were even a few touristy Hawaiian islands shirts, and one or two from Tombstone Arizona. I loved those shirts, still have and wear a few of them to this day. After that people started giving me old clothing, Grandpa had some shirts from Grandma and Great Grandma, an old shooting buddy gave me some shirts he said he hadn't been able to fit into since the 70's, and I learned the art of Goodwill, Ebay, and garage sale shopping. Of course I'm not terribly picky - I'll wear retro clothing too, and most of that isn't made with polyester.

Here are just a few vintage items I've found on Etsy that I'm struggling to not purchase!
vintage 1940s dress . black rayon crepe . green beaded neckline . 4086
Vintage 40's Dress from Mill Street Vintage
1940s Shoes Deadstock / 40s Brown Leather Oxfords // The Charlee Brown Heels
 Brown Shoes from Wear Are They Now
DEADSTOCK w/ Original Tags 1950's Rayon Extreme Hourglass Cocktail Dress w/ Fully Fringed Shimmy Bodice & Rose Satin Middle by Tricia - M
Fringe Dress from Butch Wax Vintage
 50's Yellow Dress from Hollie Point

Come back next time tos ee what else we've found for you on Etsy!

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