Thursday, July 10, 2014

Peppers Peppers Everywhere!

I know I haven't gone into detail on the greenhouse yet, and believe me...I will. Sooner rather than later hopefully. But today I have to tell you about at least one of my greenhouse successes: Pimiento de Padron peppers. Matt's mom sent a ton of seeds, and this was one of them. The package suggested picking the peppers when they were the size of an olive, then sauteeing them in olive oil. The plant was covered in peppers, so we picked them - about nine fully ripe peppers in all, then double checked the recipe online, and made some super yummy peppers to share on Tuesday evening. They were sensational! So yummy, I keep checking the greenhouse to see if more have starting growing on the plant yet. We have plans to grow several padrons next summer!

Actually a ChiChi Meca Pepper, not a Pimiento de Padron

Of course I didn't get a picture, because I was too excited to dig in! But they looked pretty close to the picture on the Martha Stewart recipe we used. It was super cool to watch them - they blistered up in the pan, then deflated on the paper towel covered plate. She's right - some were sweet and a few were spicy. But I think the two spicy ones were the biggest of the bunch, so it might not be that difficult to deduce which ones will be spicy. We'll definitely test this out again and let you know :)

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