Saturday, May 25, 2013

Etsy Weekends - Turquoise Earrings

I love jewelry. My biggest problem with jewelry however, is that I tend to wear the same stuff every day. And when I say stuff, I mean, the same set of earrings I've worn since I was 15, and the same necklace I've worn since I was sixteen. When I wear my watch (another piece of jewelry from high school) and rings, they are also always the same. The thumb ring is from high school, the Tanzanite ring from middle school, and the College Class ring - the newest addition, is from 2008! 

I dream about expanding my collection, I actually have a pretty decent sized grouping of jewelry already, but I always stop myself, worried that the new item will never make it into such a difficult rotation. Here for Etsy Weekends are some turquoise or blue earrings I would love to own!!

Turquoise Patina Hoops from Oodalolli          Silver Swinging Stone Earrings from String of Blue
Artisan Brushed Silver Swinging Hope Stone Earrings stringofblue

Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings from Sweet Lake Jewelry                  Bijou Drops from Metallove

bijou drops
turquoise streling silver  long dangle earrings-  semi precious stones- gemstone jewelry - blue jewels for her-woman/girl/teen

Join us next weekend to see what treasures we have found on Etsy!!

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