Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Learning As I Go

And just like that, we're back to my garden!

Hard Lesson learned: Actually research something before you dive in and do it! I know my seedlings need to be hardened off, so I took my Huckleberries out today, I'm hoping to plant them at the end of this week (I know it's really early for MT, but I'm so excited about them and I want them to be free soon!). I also took two rhubarb seedlings out. Then after I found one of the rhubarbs near death (I fear she may have passed already) I did a little internet search. There I learned that Hardening off is a long and arduous process. You can't just set the plants out, there's a procedure to follow!

Plan to harden your plants for the week leading up to planting. Find a nice shady spot for them to hang out in, and set them out there in the early morning so they can adjust to the cooler mornings, then warmer afternoons. At first only leave them outside for a few hours, then over the subsequent days add the time they are outside by one to two hours a day. You also want to be moving them closer to their future home over the course of the week, so that when they go outside for real they are ready for the heat, wind, and rain! Let's hope I haven't killed my huckleberries by setting them out in direct sunlight today!!

I also had good news: that unfocused pinkish protuberance on my raspberry stick is a branch!! Woohoo!! 

In knitting news, I am working on a new cat toy that was suggested by a customer from the Etsy shop. I am making several prototypes (remember my discussion from yesterday, the mice are at least tried and true toys - imagine the rigorous testing I put new toys through!!! These have been in the works since January...) Anyway, once I finish the prototypes (we're on stage two, so hopefully they don't need a stage three!) I will be hosting a giveaway contest! Keep your eyes out for it this summer :)

Happy Tuesday!

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