Monday, May 13, 2013

Fiesta Ware

How did I become hooked on Fiesta Ware?!  About a year ago I decided maybe it was time to change out our old Corelle dishes. We bought our current set of dishes in 1992 (twenty years ago!) and over the last few years we noticed that the pictures were starting to fade, and I couldn't find any replacement dishes. Then I discovered Fiesta Ware but couldn't decide on a color. While I was mulling it over we happened to visit our friend Thomas who had just purchased Fiesta Ware!  He had a serving set in every color and I thought that was a great idea! That evening I talked to our oldest daughter Becky about Thomas's dishes and she told me that she had some Fiesta Ware, her husband had purchased it in West Virginia at the factory outlet store. The search began!  I found the factory, it is called The Homer Laughlin China Company. They are located in Newell, West Virginia. 

In October, we took a trip from Wisconsin to Elizabeth City, NC to visit our eldest daughter and her family, with stops along the way to visit friends in Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. Newell, West Virginia was only a little out of the way! We drove along the Ohio River and the sights were both beautiful and sad. Lots of river towns, some looked like they had been mill towns and the mill had closed and  people were left without an income. The images we saw on our trip, including a visit to the Gettysburg Cemetery, inspired stories about the people who lived there that maybe someday I'll set down on paper.  

On my quest for Fiesta Ware I discovered a few things. I had originally thought it was only antique dishes but  they are still being manufactured, and they have always been made in the United States. I'd always heard about the antique dishes and didn't know you could still buy them new!   
Here's a picture of me outside the factory

 Here's some pictures taken inside the outlet

By the time we were done I had filled four huge boxes of Fiesta Ware. When we put them in the car, you could see it sink a bit from the weight! It was worth hearing about how much room my dishes took up for the rest of the trip. I'm ready for another trip to West Virginia or maybe I'll start to pick up some of the serving pieces locally!

Fiesta Ware is sold in lots of stores and on websites.  Here's a couple of links to find out more about the Homer Laughlin company and about Fiesta Ware.  They have a new color and it is Lapis! Homer Laughlin China Co. and the Fiesta Factory's Website. Also, this is not a paid advertisement, we genuinely love this product and wanted to share our love with you! 

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