Friday, June 14, 2013


To Celebrate all of the fun events going on this summer I'll be offering Coupon Codes in the Etsy Shop for the new Comic Book mice intermittently between now and the end of July. That of course means I've been busy knitting an army of Superhero mice...but I took time out this week to work on these bad boys:

New Lace Wrist Warmers! Also loosely based on the wrist warmer pattern I talked about here. To make these I just found a lace pattern I liked, then did a little math to figure out how many stitches I wanted to use! The pattern was about the perfect height to do one repeat for the wrist area, one repeat during thumb construction and one repeat to finish them off. Just remember if you want to add in a lace pattern you've come across you just need to find out what the multiple is and add it in to your pattern! And of course, take notes so you know what you did!!

I'm still working on writing down the pattern for testing and so that I can read it a month from now....

Happy Friday!

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