Saturday, June 8, 2013

Etsy Weekends - Toe Rings

When I was in middle school my sister Becky joined the Navy. Well, first she went off for a year of college, then six months of fun in the sun in Florida, then back to wintery Wisconsin, then she joined the Navy. While she was gone (and I can't remember precisely when) I found a little dolphin toe ring in her room. It didn't quite fit me right, but it was beautiful and I loved it! I wore it anytime I wore my flip flops that summer, and disappeared. It's still in the backyard at Mom and Dad's house somewhere. It started an obsession with toe rings for me. I found the perfect toe ring to complement my thumb ring - it had celtic knots all around and fit me perfectly. I wore it all through high school and then lost it at Lake Wazee one summer. After that I was pretty bummed out about toe rings - what's the point in finding one you really like if they just fall off and get lost??

This time on Etsy Weekends I'll show off some toe rings I found on Etsy! They just scream summer and fun and youth to me...and maybe someday I'll buy a new one :)

Plain copper toe ring textured finish minimalist
Plain Copper Toe Ring from SpiralCraftUK
14K Rose Gold Fill Toe Ring Matte Finish Round Wire
Rose Gold Fill Toe Ring from Decadence2Jewelry

Sterling Silver Adjustable Spiral Toe Ring
Sterling Silver Spiral Toe Ring from MmeMagpie 

Sterling Silver Adjustable Braided Wire Pattern Toe Ring
Sterling Silver Braided Toe Ring from AdoraBellaJewelry

Well I hope you enjoyed the Toe Rings today, come back next time to see what treasures we've come across in our Etsy trolling!

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  1. Just came across this blog post! Thanks so much for giving my toe ring a shoutout! :-)