Sunday, July 18, 2010

Almost Sunny in Wisconsin

We've had a long week of heavy rain and storms.  Parts of the area were hit very hard with lots of trees and power lines down.  We lost a few trees and branches.  Saturday was our 34th wedding anniversary and we spent the day working and playing in the Karner Blue Butterfly Festival parade.  We thought about going back to town for the evening festivities but another storm blew in and we stayed home.  I'm busy working on projects for the open house at Allen Creek next Saturday.  Besides the hand crafted items we are also going to have an area for yard sale items.  I opened a tub from the basement and found all kinds of treasures!  Some are even going to the yard sale!  I pulled weeds in my garden.  The sheep love weeds!  I found two cucumbers, several peppers and tomatoes are growing and I hope I'll have ripe tomatoes before Becky and the kids get here.  The mosquitos are bad in the garden, I put on bug spray but I ddn't were my mosquito net hat!  We have bats in the barn and you all know how much I love bats or anything that flies.  Randy reminded me about how many bugs a bat will eat in a night and our bats are huge so they should be eating more than the average bat!  They make a mess in the barn and we wish we could get them to move somewhere else like  the woods! 

Kirsten is in the middle of a move to a different apartment so she might not be writing for a few days.  Make it a great week and I'll get pictures up as I finish some of my projects.

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