Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Sense of Accomplishment

You know how good it feels when you finally finish a project that has been in the works for far too long? Well, I haven't had that feeling today. I've been working on Matt's Mitts, flap top fingerless mittens I designed especially for my smoking boyfriend to wear while outside in the winters smoking. (I keep hoping that by the time I finish them, he won't need them!) Anyway, I cast on in June of 2008, and they have been in a state of perpetual half-finished-ness since then. I got a great deal of work done on them this week, even with ripping out the flap top twice now, but realized today that I don't have any good buttons. So, they will wait some more, at least until I have proper buttons.

I did however attatch a button that fell off a pair of pants, so mini sense of accomplishment there!

Since I have no images of finished knitting, I will leave you with an image of our latest jaunt around town. The lovely Bozeman, Montana everybody!!

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