Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Motivation comes from different places, and I've had lots of it in the last two weeks!

Knitting: I tend to have lots of projects on the back burner, and even more ideas of projects behind that list. Sometimes it's hard to actually sit down and make something, or finish something you've started. This website and our Etsy page is helping, so is the prospect of upcoming craft fairs. I even had an order for a Dragon! The biggest motivation for my knitting however, was moving into a completely unfurnished apartment, with no money for new cleaning, bathroom or kitchen supplies! Thus came the search for cotton to make a dishcloth and matching handtowel for the kitchen, and a nice bright yellow handcloth for the bathroom. Next on the list of emergency (and non-emergency) apartment knitting is a felted wool oven mitt and pillows for the couch!

Job Search: Along with the new apartment come a lot of new bills...if I want to get on the internet in my own house I need to have cable installed, and since internet is like air to me...they are coming on friday. There's also an electric bill to pay every month, food stuffs, laundromat when our dryer isn't working (which it hasn't since we moved in) and of course the biggie, RENT! This turned my second job search into turbo mode, with interviews and applications increasing two-fold since last friday.

Exercise/Healthy Eating: Our new roommate has a wheat allergy, so to accomodate her Matt and I are trying new healthier options...sometimes. :) I do love my breads, grains and pastas! We've also been trying to go hiking at least twice a week at the M, but have only been making it about once a week or less. A friend of mine posted some pictures from our camping this past weekend, and after seeing myself I got the biggest spurt of motivation of all! Looks like more hiking, and fewer bagels are in my future! M, here we come!

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